Best 64000-grain water softener

Having to deal with hard water issues regularly is difficult. Thanks to water softeners that understand the different ways to resolve hard water troubles. Start by removing mineral content from water that makes it problematic for daily usage.

Let us take a quick read at the best options for water softeners available in the market that can remove 64000 grains of hardness minerals.

3 Key Takeaways:

🔸 64000-grain water softeners refer to the grains of water hardness the unit can remove from hard water.

🔸 64000-grain water softeners can use up to 70-400 lbs of salt per year.

🔸 The Aquasure Harmony 64000 Grains Whole House Water Softener is equipped with special features to handle water hardness with enhanced efficiency.

What is 64000 grains in water softener?

A 64000-grain water softener refers to the grains of water hardness the unit can remove. This indicates that the water softener can remove 64000 grains of hardness minerals before it enters the regeneration cycle.

Is a higher grain water softener better?

Higher grain water softeners are equipped to handle a larger amount of hardness minerals. Although grain capacity is one of the crucial things concerned in softening water, it is important to select a grain capacity as needed. Small homes with lower water hardness might be sufficient and cost-effective.

It might be time to choose higher grain water softeners only when the water hardness level and water usage demand so.

Which is the best 64000 grain water softener in 2024?

Aquasure water softener is rated as the best water softener in 2024. It is equipped with the efficiency and effectiveness needed to remove water hardness.

Aqua sure water softener
Aquasure Water Softener

Comparing best 64000 grain waters softeners

After careful analysis, here we have a comparison of the best 64000-grain water softeners available in the market.

1. Aquasure Harmony 64000 Grains Whole House Water Softener

If you are on the lookout for a professional-grade water softener that can significantly improve water quality and deliver soft water, the Aquasure Harmony 64000 Grains Whole House Water Softener is the best choice. It is the perfect design for 4 or more bathrooms with an automatic digital metered control head, fully programmable backlit digital display, and customizable auto-flush intervals.

You can be assured of having damage-free appliances, skin, fixtures, and hair, with this professional-grade water softener. being one of the best water softeners, you will also get a 30-day money-back, a 5-year extended manufacturer warranty, and lifetime free US-based tech support.

2. Dura Water Fleck 5600 SXT Meter Demand Water Softener

The next efficient unit among the best water softeners is the Dura WaterFleck 5600 water softener. It is designed with upgraded 10 percent cross-linked water softener resin. Being an on-demand digital metered water softener, it is effortless to operate this unit. Moreover, the Black USA Mineral tank shipped loaded with the resin within it. The USA Brine Tank comes with a safety float as well. The model comes with a free 1-inch Noryl plastic bypass. Does this 64000 water softener meet your expectations to achieve softened water that will no longer cause damage to homes? If yes, bring home this unit right away.

3. APEX WS- 1060 64000 Grains Water Softener

Next on the list of best water softeners we have APEX WS- 1060. This 64000 grain is a trusted choice to keep mineral scale build-up away from sinks, faucets, shower doors, and plumbing. It comes with a brine reservoir tank, battery backup, electronic timer, and other features to make this a reliable water-softening choice.

4. Tier1 Advanced Series 64000 Grains Digital Water Softener

This is the last product on the list. It is equipped with a WQA Gold Seal Certified cation exchange resin. Its easy-to-use LCD and automatic bypass valve make operation easy. Installing this unit is easy and this premium traditional water softening solution resolves all hard water problems.

Steps taken to install a Aquasure 64000 grain water softener:

The procedure to install the Aquasure 64000 grain water softener is simple. Although it does involve several steps, it can be easily installed by a professional. It is advised that you follow the instructions specified in the user manual to ensure top-notch water quality in your house.

1. Location to install

Select the location where the water softener must be installed. It must be installed on a level surface, indoors, and close to the water source.

2. Water supply

The main water supply to the home must be turned off.

3. Bypass valve

It is suggested to install a bypass valve if the water softener does not have it built in.

4. Water line

The water line must be cut where the water softener is to be installed. Make sure you connect the inlet and outlet ports to the plumbing with all the sealings and fittings properly provided, with the help of Teflon tapes.

5. Drain line

The drain line must be connected from the water softener to the drain. The excess minerals removed from the water will be discharged from here.

6. Control valve

The control valve must be set depending on the water hardness and other settings by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

7. Salt added

Water softeners with salt-based regeneration systems must be added with recommended amounts of salt to the brine tank.

8. Flushing

The water supply must be opened to flush the system of any air and sediment. Tighten connections if necessary after checking for leaks.

9. Control head

Systems that have a Control Head must be programmed with the support of the manufacturer’s instructions, including the time settings and regeneration frequency.

10. Regeneration cycle

Resin beads in the water softener must be activated by initiating a regeneration cycle. It can take a couple of hours for it to regenerate. Ensure that the system functions properly and is protected from leaks.

11. Maintenance

Salt levels of the brine tank must be monitored regularly for perfect performance of water softener systems. Utilize all available support from the manufacturer to keep the unit running.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much salt is needed for 64000 grain water softener?

A 64000-grain water softener can use up to 70-400 lbs of salt per year, which is approximately 2 to 3 bags of salt for regeneration.

2. What size water softener for family of 5?

To determine the standard size of water softener for a family, there are multiple factors to be considered. Water hardness, daily water usage, etc., will determine the size of the water softener. A standard 40000-grain water softener would be sufficient to meet the needs of a 5-member family.

3. What is a good hardness level for water?

The recommended level of water hardness for good quality water is 120 to 170 mg/L, which is 7 to 10 grains per gallon.

4. How to adjust salt setting in water softener?

Adjusting the salt level in water softeners is simple. You have to locate the Control Panel and access the Settings that link to salt dosage or the regeneration cycle. You can follow the user manual to increase or decrease the salt dosage. Remember, the salt level must be selected after the tested water hardness level.


That is a wrap on the article. We trust the article explained, in brief, the benefits one gain as a result of investing in 64000-grain water softeners. Order the unit that best meets your needs and helps resolve hard water issues.