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Water Pursuit is your go to resource for all water treatment needs. Check out our latest guides on water products.

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Welcome to water pursuit, your go-to guide for all things water. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best of reviews, with an emphasis on quality, durability and convenience.

When our founder first started out, his passion for top performing water softeners drove him to start his own blog.

We hope you enjoy our articles as much as we enjoy recommending them to you.

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Robert Miles


Robert Miles has 10+ years experience as water supply engineer, working closely with water treatment experts. He is our editor in chief at Water Pursuit.

Our Web Producer

Judith Morris

Web Producer

Judith analyses each and every product and produces sticky web content. She is also the author of several water technology presentations on topics including in-home water treatment, waste water management and water resource utilisation.

John Taylor Technician

John Taylor

Installation Technician

John is an expert hands on technician. He specialises in services like repair, upgrade, install and troubleshoot an entire line of water treatment equipments.