Protect your home from water damage by investing in Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff. This smart water monitor is the perfect choice for water monitoring your home’s water usage. Take your smart home to the next step with Flo by Moen, one among the top leak detectors in the market and save upto 50% on factory direct savings today!

Buy the Flo device to monitor usage and keep a close eye on your home’s water pressure in the main water supply line. Effectively avoid any major leak or major damage like a pipe burst, or any small leak as small as a drop in any water line. Let us take an in depth look at the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff to understand the benefits of having the Flo device installed in your main water line.

What are the features of Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff?

Flo by Moen smart water shutoff comes with innovative features that are specially designed for leak detection to protect your home or your vacation home against water damage. Undetected water leak; irrespective of whether they are small leaks or major leaks, are hazardous to a home. Apart from the need to conserve water by preventing even small leaks in the home’s water line, the health hazards of water damage are many.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has conducted several studies emphasizing the hazards of water damage. Any major damage through water comes with several environmental and health hazards. Daily health tests prove that continual exposure to a water leak can lead to mold growth along with respiratory, dermal, ocular, and nasal symptoms.

Inorder to proactively prevent a water leak in a supply line, advacned technology is being used in device monitors. A water detector that is highly efficient in water monitoring will not just help to conserve water usage, but will also montiro the main valve, main water pipe, main water supply line, etc.

Flo smart water monitor is built with advacned technology to make water monitoring effortless. The features that makes this product one of the best water device monitors are:

  1. Automatic Shutoff with Flosense Technology
  2. Real-Time Notification
  3. App Based Control

Automatic Shutoff with Flosense Technology

The Automatic Shutoff with Flosense Technology is the key feature in Flo by Moen smart water monitor. With this advacned technology the device learns the home’s water usage pattern. Any abnormal events such as running water or small leaks anywhere in the water line can be automatically shut off once the device learns the home’s water usage.

Moreover, the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff is also equipped to run microleak tests everyday. These daily microleak tests are the ideal way to ensure that there is efficient operation of a home’s plumbing network. By this, you can be confident that even a small drip, as small as a single drop per minute is absent from your water lines. This feature is crucial to conserve water and monitor usage to keep away any small leak or major leak.

Real-Time Notification

With this feature, the Flo smart water monitor allows the user to receive alerts as an automated phone call, updates on the Moen app installed, or via email updates. Real time monitoring of a home’s water usage does not get any easier. Make sure that your vacation home or your home is safe from any potential leak with the Flo smart water monitor. Real time monitoring of a home’s water usage is the recent and popular feature and concern according to the Water Leak Detection Survey.

Flo by Moen smart water shutoff will help you to receive alerts on the Flo app installed to keep track of how many gallons of water has been used, home’s water pressure, current water flow rate, area and water temperature to protect and prevent frozen pipes, and monitor abnormal events or water activity. These real time updates aid to maintain a water activity log. Flo by Moen smart water shutoff functions as the best water detector to trust your home’s water usage with, even in your absence.

App-Based Control

As an additional step to having a smart home, switch to app based control of your Flo smart water monitor. With the Moen app installed, you can proactivelly control home’s water usage and prevent a water leak from anywhere. By have the Moen app installed on your phone and having the Flo by Moen smart water monitor installed in your main water line, it is possible to track water usage even when you are not connected to your home Wi Fi.

It is good news that the Flo smart water monitor can work with Amazon Alexa, Ring,, and NICE. The product comes with clear in-app instructions that will make it easier to connect the new device directly. If you are away from your vacation home by still want to monitor the home’s water usage, you can simply do so with the Moen app.

How does Flo by Moen Smart Water Monitor work?

Flo-installed into your home’s water network is going to be the best step to protect your smart home. Along with focussing on getting a clean water supply, one must pay attention to monitoring the water supply as well. The Flo by Moen smart water monitor works by delivering a proactive approach to leak detection. Continuous and close monitoring of water usage, water temperature, water flow rate, and home water pressure will help in preventing or identifying any leak in the water line. If any leak is detected in the water line, the auto-shutoff feature in the Flo smart water monitor will turn off the water supply to stop the leak.

Reaching out to any professional plumber or the customer service will be able to support you in understanding the working and functioning of the Flo smart water monitor. Professional installation of the device monitors can be done following the instructions provided on the manual.

  • Leak detection for your entire home is achieved with professional installation of the Flo smart water monitor into the home’s main water line.
  • Professional installation of the new device into the water line is done after the water meter, water shutoff, and the water pressure reducing valve.
  • Following this, the device is plumbed in line and connected using the home’s Wi-Fi.
  • Setting up the device will require you to download the app to your device.

Top 6 Benefits of Flo Smart Water Monitor

The Flo by Moen smart water shutoff comes with plentiful benefits for the home. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), has an extensive research on the health risks that come with living in a environment ridden with mold from water damage. A water detector such as Flo by Moen smart water device is the ideal solution to safeguard the home. Here are the top benefits of Flo by Moen smart water shutoff:

  1. You will be able to learn that most homeowner insurance company record that 24% of their insurance claims is accounted by water damage. 1 in every 6 homes file a claim for water damage and freezing for an average of $ 12,500. Policy holders with the Flo device are eligible for insurance deductible discounts or offers and discounts by insurance providers. Your insurance agent will be able to provide you with further information on the same.
  2. Auto shutoff of abnormalities like leaks or running water with assistance from the advanced FloSense Technology is a major benefit. This enables Flo protect your entire home from possible water damage.
  3. Complete control of the home’s plumbing, irrespective of whether you are home or away is a major advantage in water usage monitoring. You can receive push app notifications, automated phone calls, and email alerts for potential leaks on your device monitors.
  4. MicroLeak technology built into the Flo smart water monitor handles proactive water monitoring to identify small leaks that most often are hard to detect. You can rest assured that these tests will guarantee your home’s safety even against a small drip.
  5. In order to help Flo protect a home or vacation home with heightened effectiveness, there must be some amount of learning. The Flo smart water monitor is the ideal choice to continually track the water usage in your home. The device learns your home’s unique water usage pattern. It will keep track of when your water usage is more or less.
  6. Built in internal leak sensors are a major benefit of investing in the Flo by Moen smart water device. Their specialized technology will finely detect the difference between typical usage and a leak. These internal sensors will monitor the water flow rate, water pressure, and other factors, was the water flows via the water line.

How to install Flo by Moen Smart Water Monitor and shutoff?

Flo by Moen smart water shutoff cannot be installed by oneself, unless they are a professional plumber! This smart water auto shutoff device requires professional installation. The device comes with a comprehensive and complete user manual that carries the information for professional installation.

It is important to analyze if the Flo by Moen smart water shutoff is compatible with the home. The professional must ensure that all the code and installation requirements for the Flo device is met before installation. If all the requirements are met, one can have the Flo installed on acessible main supply line or the cold water line.

The Flo device will be installed after the water meter, water shutoff, and the water pressure reducing valve. Since the device’s primary fucntion is to monitor and control the water usage, it must be installed before water heaters, water softeners, whole house water filters, and irrigation lines.

During installation, the professional will employ caution to ensure that the power supply is installed off the ground. It is crucial to note that the power supply and the device must not be buried or installed in an area whose ambient temperature can exceed 104 deg F or below 32 deg F. The alert and alarm notifications can be activated by downloading the Flo by Moen smart app.

Flume vs Flo. Which is better?

The other popular water flow monitor in the market is the Flume device. The Flume water monitor can be clipped into the already existing water meter. The Flume water monitor need not be installed into the water pipe, unlike the Flo by Moen device. Theoretically, a water meter is quite accurate, and therefore the Flume device monitors the water meter directly. The Flume water monitor simply acts like a mechanical water meter.

The other advantage of the Flume monitor is that it is weather-resistant and runs off battery power. The technology that Flume operates on is simple yet efficient, and low energy. Installation of Flume takes under 20 minutes and does not require any difficult electrical involvement or plumbing. The Flume monitor is easy to operate, accurate for water usage and flow monitoring, and cheaper. Flume offers weekly breakdowns of water flow usage like Flo. However, the Flume is not equipped to detect small leaks and alert on possible water abnormalities.

The Flo water monitor is better due to its advanced technological functioning. Although it has a complex installation procedure, its operation and water leak detection are foolproof.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Flo Smart Water Monitor lower flow rate?

The Flo smart water monitor is designed to monitor flow rate continually and even shut off the supply through a water pipe even if a small leak is anticipated or detected.

2. How does Flo by Moen measure flow rate?

Measuring the water flow rate, water pressure, and water temperature in real-time is done using the discrete sensors that the device contains, and are installed into the water pipelines.

3. Do you need tape for Flo by moen?

Yes, the installation of the Flo by Moen device requires tape. The company recommends that high-quality PTFE Teflon tape must be used when the threaded ends of the home piping are being wrapped. This ensures proper sealing and leakage prevention.

4. How accurate is Flo by moen?

The Flo device is highly accurate when it comes to measuring pressure in the water supply and other factors. The device is certified to be within 3 PSI of the supplied water pressure to the plumbing system

6. How long does flo by moen last?

The company states that the battery on which the device operates will work for 2 years. The device operates on a single CR123A lithium battery.

7. Do homes need leak detectors?

Yes. Installing leak detectors in homes is a clever solution to protect the house against unforeseen water damage. An advanced leak detector, such as Flo by Moen is more appreciated.

8. Can I use Flo Smart Water Monitor without using home Wifi?

Yes, the Flo by Moen smart water device can be used without the home Wi-Fi connection. The device is not dependent on Wi-Fi for its operations. However, a Wi-Fi connection is necessary to receive real-time updates on the app. Although the device will continue to monitor water pressure, water flow rate, and other factors; the device will be unable to notify you without Wi-Fi connectivity.

9. Will Flo by Moen automatically shut off if there is no response to the alerts?

Yes, the Flo by Moen Smart Water device is designed to auto-shut five minutes after sending an alert (even in the absence of a response to the alert).

10. What size Flo Smart Monitor do I need?

The size of the smart monitor or the plumbing size will depend on the main water supply line’s size that comes to the home.

Final Words

That’s a wrap on the review! We trust the article helped you in analyzing the pros and cons of investing in the Flo by Moen Smart Water Monitor for your home. You can be assured that this smart device will be a worthy addition to your home, and most importantly, a necessity to safeguard your home against water damage.

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