SpringWell Vs Aquasana: Top Water Filter Brands Compared

Water filtration systems are a necessity to keep dangerous contaminants away from drinking water. If your municipal city water supply is filled with lead or other contaminants and needs urgent intervention, it is wise to invest in a suitable whole-house water filter system. Water filters are specially designed to carry out lead removal, chlorine removal, or any other predominant contaminant removal.

In this article, we will closely compare Aquasana water filters and Springwell water filters. Both Springwell whole house filters and Aquasana filters work efficiently to remove several different types of dangerous contaminants from the drinking water supply. However, each whole-house water filtration system comes with unique filtration stages that make it an ideal choice for a home. Analyze the features of both, Springwell and Aquasana water filtration systems to identify the water filter that will meet your needs effectively. With that said, let us start with Springwell vs Aquasana water filters.

3 Key Takeaways:

🔸 Whole house filters are important in keeping chlorine, fluoride, and lead contamination away from the water supply.

🔸 Different water filters are designed with features that make the water filtration process effective; such as multiple filtration stages, copper-zinc alloy, etc.

🔸 SpringWell and Aquasana Rhino water filter systems are the best choices in the market and are built with advanced features that aid in perfect water filtration.

CF Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

Springwell filters have earned a reputation to be one of the leading and well-performing whole-house water filters in the market. They are built to withstand tough conditions and deliver highly efficient contaminant removal from the municipal drinking water supply. Springwell water filters are believed to be the ideal solution for contaminant removal from city water with their highest quality catalytic carbon and certified KDF media. This filter media is designed to enhance the water quality by targeting chlorine, chloramine, PFOA,  PFOS, pesticides, herbicides, haloacetic acids, etc. Moreover, with the SpringWell combo system, one can enjoy salt-free water-softening action.

When it comes to Springwell vs Aquasana water filters, the special feature that stands out is its ActivFlo filtration technology. With the highly advanced 4-stage proprietary design in the ActivFlo filtration system, the unit allows the most contact time between the filtration media and the water. This ensures that more contaminants are removed from the filtration stages when compared to any other filtration system. The long contact duration between the filtration media and the water will prevent more number of contaminants from being removed than any other filtration system.

Enjoy limitless control over the water quality of your drinking water supply with the SpringWell water filter for the whole house. This is indeed one of the most trusted whole house water filter systems that can guarantee the user with multiple lines of defense against chlorine, chloramine, PFOA,  PFOS, PFAS, pesticides, herbicides, haloacetic acids, MTBE, TTHM, unpleasant odor in the city water and more. With the SpringWell whole-house water filter system, you can transform polluted city water into clean tap water. The SpringWell filters don’t just improve the water quality by taking away contaminants but also improve the taste. Getting the best tasting odor-free tap water will certainly make a huge difference to daily life.

Like any other water filtration system, this unit also comes with different stages. The SpringWell water filter system has 4 different stages. Each stage has a different filtration media for a specific action. Flex Bed, KDF Bed, Catalytic Carbon Bed, and 5-micron sediment filtration are the 4 stages respectively.

  • In the first stage, the water is pushed through a KDF media where the harmful chemicals and most of the contaminants present in the municipal city water are removed. This copper and zinc alloy media is perfect for chlorine removal.
  • The second stage will address the removal of chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, and other organic contaminants using the catalytic carbon filter media.
  • The third stage comes with an innovative design where more contact time is created to eliminate channeling.
  • The fourth stage has a 5-micron sediment filter where sand, silt, clay, and other such sediments are trapped and removed.

Filtered water is also a preferred choice in spas and hair salons. By investing in the SpringWell whole-house water filter, you can be assured that your skin will feel softer and hair shinier. The absence of harmful chemicals and contaminants will keep the hair and skin protected against damage and dryness.

You can also be confident that other water appliances that utilize this filtered water will also stay free from mineral buildup. The other advantages that come with SpringWell filters include an easy installation process with clean installation instructions, FedEx site-wide free shipping, cost-efficient payment methods with Affirm, and limited lifetime warranty (on tanks and valves). For any queries, one may also reach out to the customer support line or customer service online chat function.

Is your home in need of seamless water filtration? Invest in the SpringWell water filtration system if it meets your expectations and requirements.

Pros and Cons of Springwell Water Filtration:

  • One of the best whole-house water filters available in the market.
  • Comes with an easy installation process that can be achieved by a professional.
  • Among the most trusted water filtration systems that can improve water quality, remove unpleasant odors, and enhance water taste.
  • Each water filter media stage is made of high-quality components.
  • Transforms the quality of tap water entirely making it fit for consumption directly.
  • Supreme filter performance with the high-quality components.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty on tanks and valves

Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter System

whole house water filter and softener

The next best unit among whole-house systems is the Aquasana Rhino water filter. Aquasana water filters are known for their durable and qualitative parts and high-performance filtration. With the new advanced Aquasana Rhino water filtration systems, it is easy to get clean water to drink from every tap in your home for up to 10 years! Enjoy seamless functioning of this Aquasana water filtration system to keep 1 million gallons your water supply free from 97% chlorine.

Aquasana water filters come with high-quality activated carbon filter systems that handle the responsibility of removing chlorine contamination from the water. Moreover, the KDF or Copper-Zinc ensures chlorine reduction is carried out to perfection and the life of the system is extended. Keeping bacterial growth away from the water filter system is also managed by the KDF.

You can be assured that softer and great-tasting water from every tap in your house is yours with Aquasana Rhino whole house systems. Soft water will keep your hair and skin feeling soft and smooth at all times. Although the chlorine contaminants are removed, the healthy minerals necessary for the body are left behind in the water. However, TDS or dissolved solids are not removed from the water.

The best feature of the Aquasana Rhino is its unique Upflow Dual Tank Design. This design works to prevent clogging as it increases water contact time with contaminant-grabbing media. All essential parts of the filtration system, such as the sediment pre-filter, post-filter, and activated carbon filter deliver high performance. Moreover, the Aquasana Rhino comes with a newly improved divider valve. This divider valve of the Aquasana Rhino enables a fast and reliable flow rate. The reliable flow rate with no noticeable change in water pressure is an important feature in Aquasana water filters that contribute to smooth water filtration. Consistent maintenance and changing the pre-filter and post-filter once in 2 months will help in maintaining the flow rate as well. This unit is also one of those water systems that does not require draining or back flushing.

The installation kit includes; a filter tank, 20″ pre-filter, post-filter, brass fittings for 1” or 3/4” pipes, bend supports, and shut-off valves. The installation process can be done with ease by any professional by simply following the installation instructions. For any queries, one may also reach out to the customer support line or customer service online chat function.

Does the Aquasana Rhino meet your expectations as the best water filtration system for your entire home? If yes, bring home this unit to keep your home and health protected with clean water.

Pros and Cons of Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter System

  • One of the best filtration systems available in the market to deliver long-lasting performance.
  • Aquasana Rhino is equipped to filter up to 1 million gallons of water for 10 years.
  • Designed with an advanced divider valve that enables a reliable water flow rate without noticeable changes in water pressure.
  • Comes with KDF filtration media and an activated carbon filter that will remove up to 97% of chlorine contamination and also prevent bacterial growth in the system.
  • Aids in keeping the water soft and clean at all times to give you soft hair and supple skin.
  • Maintenance and replacement of pre-filter and post-filter is easy.

Springwell Vs Aquasana FAQs:

1. Who installs SpringWell systems?

SpringWell Systems provides a clear set of instructions along with the installation kit to enable their customers to install the unit themselves. However, if you require assistance, the customer support line is always available to provide you with certified installers who will be able to get the work done. The company might also be able to guide you to local contractors with whom they have partnerships.

2. Is Aquasana an American company?

Yes, Aquasana is an American company. The company was established in 1999. The headquarters is based in Haltom City, Texas, United States.

3. How long does the SpringWell water system last?

The durability of any whole-house water filter system can vary depending on the nature of the water source, maintenance routine, etc. SpringWell whole house water filter systems are built to last for up to 10 years, filtering 1,000,000 gallons of water over that period. However, the sediment filter must be replaced regularly to keep the unit’s optimum performance.

4. Which SpringWell system is best?

The SpringWell CF1 model is a widely appreciated and recommended model that delivers high performance in water filtering.

5. How to change SpringWell water filter?

Changing a SpringWell water filter is simple. You just have to follow a few steps to complete the process correctly.

  1. Find the shut-off valve for the water supply and turn it off.
  2. Release any accumulated pressure by draining out water by opening a faucet connected to the system.
  3. Locate the cylindrical container or filter housing connected to the water pipes.
  4. Unscrew the filter housing and remove the old filter cartridge.
  5. Clean the housing with a damp cloth to remove any debris or dirt.
  6. Properly position the new filter cartridge into the housing.
  7. Screw the filter housing back into its place securely to prevent any possible leaks.
  8. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks around the housing.
  9. Flush the system by letting the water run through the system for a few minutes. This will flush out any air bubbles or loose particles from the filter.
  10. Reset the filter change reminder if your filter system model has any.

6. How often to change Aquasana filter?

It is recommended that the Aquasana filter must be changed once every 6 months. However, factors such as usage, damage to the filter, water quality, etc., will certainly play a role in deciding how often the filter must be changed.

7. Does Aquasana remove fluoride?

Yes. Aquasana water filters are designed to remove fluoride contamination from the water.

Final Words — Which Is the Winner and Why?

When it comes to SpringWell vs Aquasana filters, we notice that both these water filters have their own advantages. Depending on the system that best meets your requirements, you can proceed with your purchase. While SpringWell filters are equipped with special 4 stages of filtration to give you clean water, the Aquasana filter systems come with highly advanced KDF to make the filtration process easy.

That’s a wrap on the article. We trust you found the arguments between Springwell and Aquasana filters helpful in deciding which filter system is the ideal choice for your home. We suggest that you thoroughly analyze all the features and functions they propose before you invest in a whole-house filter for your home. Install the best water filter system and enjoy clean water from every tap.

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