What is alkaline water?

The type of bottled water that is gaining popularity in recent years is Alkaline water. There is a lot of research and discussion undertaken to understand what is alkaline water and how drinking alkaline water has effects on human health, and its health claims and health risks. Alkaline water is nothing but water that has a high ph water level. pH greater than 7 and closer to 14 on the pH scale is classified as alkaline water. Although there isn’t sufficient scientific evidence to prove all the health benefits of alkaline water consumption, there is evidence reported on the changes one might experience by drinking alkaline water.

In this article, we will discuss in detail what is Alkaline water, the potential health benefits of alkaline water consumption, the health risks of drinking alkaline water in excess, and more. Let us take a look at the several health benefits of alkaline water, how alkaline water is made and the best alkaline water bottle in the market.

3 Key Takeaways:

🔸 Regular water that is acidic or natural can be converted into alkaline water by the process of electrolysis.

🔸 Both positive and negative health benefits come along with alkaline drinking water.

🔸 The GOFILTR Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Bottle is the best travel-friendly solution to drink alkaline energized water on the go.

What is Alkaline water?

What is Alkaline water?

The pH scale determines the alkalinity of water quality. The pH scale ranges from zero to 14. Distilled water and pure water with excellent water quality that is devoid of any additives will have a neutral ph. pH levels can increase and decrease depending on the mineral content in it. pH level that is greater than the neutral pH of 7 is termed alkaline. A pH level lower than 7 is termed acidic.

The acidic and alkaline components that make the pH level lower or pH higher can be altered. Water that has pH levels that are closer to 0 is called acidic water. pH higher than 7 and closer to 14 is called alkaline water. To neutralize acidic and alkaline components there are plentiful techniques available. With added minerals such as calcium and potassium, you will be able to increase the pH levels of the water.

What does alkaline water do?

What does alkaline water do?

The potential benefits of alkaline water do not have concrete scientific evidence. However, consumers have reported the significant difference and beneficial effects that can be experienced from consuming alkaline water. It must also be noted that even healthy adults might find discomfort from excessively consuming alkaline water.

Health benefits of consuming alkaline water

Better hydration

There is enough evidence to prove that consuming alkaline water will improve hydration. With further studies and experiments carried out to understand the difference between regular water and natural alkaline water, we have been able to conclusively prove that staying hydrated by drinking alkaline water is possible.

Better hydration

Studies were conducted to study the effects of exercise-induced dehydration and the benefits of alkaline water in handling them. Lactate or lactic acid is the byproduct that is released as a result of strenuous exercise. Surprisingly, the study’s results conclude that drinking alkaline water improved lactate utilization and prevention of lactate accumulation when compared to regular drinking water or tap water. Naturally occurring alkaline water even without added minerals can help to stay hydrated and prevent exercise-induced dehydration.

Increase bone density and bone health

Yet another popular potential health benefit of alkaline water is its support to prevent bone loss. It was studied tath calcium-rich acidic mineral water and bicarbonate- and calcium-rich alkaline mineral water had fewer markers in bone resorption.

Women who participated in the study by drinking alkaline water experienced better bone strength. Minimal bone loss or bone resorption can be tackled by drinking alkaline water that is rich in calcium content.

Stay away from kidney disease

Stay away from kidney disease

The potential benefits of alkaline water consumption can either work in favor or not when it comes to kidney disease. An impaired kidney function due to stones is a result of excessive calcium accumulation. It is important to handle the balance of the pH level of water. On the contrary, drinking alkaline water that is rich in calcium can help in making the urine output more alkaline. With the higher ph level, an impaired kidney function as the result of stones caused by oxalates can be presented.

Healthy digestion

Consuming alkaline water can also aid in healthy digestion. In a 4 week study that was conducted, one set of patients were served alkaline water and the others regular drinking water or tap water. The patients who consumed alkaline water reported better intestinal regularization of the acid-base balance. Additionally, further studies also conclude that alkaline waters can help to soothe acid reflux and ease gastrointestinal symptoms.

The stomach acid that contains pepsin is produced to break down proteins. A high pH level of 8.8 will neutralize the acid environment. In this case, the pepsin or stomach acid is killed, thereby reducing the acid reflux. If you replace your regular drinking water with alkaline water you will slowly begin to notice that acid reflux is kept at bay. The neutral pH level of the alkaline water will neutralize the acid-base balance of the intestine

Reduced high blood pressure

Another benefit of drinking alkaline water is reduced high blood pressure, lipids, and blood sugar. Scientific evidence proves that high ph water can reduce blood viscosity. Therefore, drinking water that has a higher ph level will reduce high blood pressure by minimizing the blood viscosity, thickness, and stickiness and minimize the chances of developing heart disease. If you wish to reduce your high blood pressure or hypertension, cholesterol or lipids, and diabetes or blood sugar you must check if alkaline water consumption is of help.

Side effects of drinking alkaline water

Having discussed the several health benefits of alkaline water, it is time to take a look at the risks that come with consuming alkaline water.

Excessive thirst

Damage to the mucosal lining takes place with consuming alkaline water that has a pH higher than 10. With regular consumption of alkaline water with a high ph of over 10, damage to the mucosal lining takes place and it can lead to excessive thirst.

Gastrointestinal symptoms

Extensive amounts of alkaline minerals and water content will slowly pave the way to poor gut health. Side effects of poor gut health will show up that will including nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

Acid reflux

Acid reflux

Similar to almost all health benefits of alkaline minerals, drinking water that has high ph can be a hit or miss. While some consumers found drinking alkaline water beneficial to reduce acid reflux, others report that it aggravates acid reflux.

Bacterial growth

Did you know that stomach acids are in place to protect the helpful bacteria in the stomach? An alkaline pH environment can kill the healthy bacterial population in the stomach. When this happens, harmful bacteria will begin to proliferate in the stomach.

Poor medication absorption and nutrient absorption

Excessive exposure to higher pH levels can diminish nutrient absorption and medication absorption. Although this might not be an easy occurrence in healthy adults, those with pre-existing health conditions might notice that they have reduced nutrient absorption.

Tissue damage

Studies conducted on animals showed that drinking high-pH water can cause poor overall growth, tissue damage, and necrosis.

How to make alkaline water?

The pH levels of regular water or tap water can be already by a process called electrolysis. The composition of chemicals and gases present in the water will determine its alkalinity. Artificially adding certain minerals can increase the ph level of water. This means, in nature, water that runs over streams and rocks can become alkaline. For commercial purposes, plain water is converted into alkaline water by a process called electrolysis.

Through the electrolysis process, manufacturers can change plain water into high-pH water with the help of a product called an ionizer. Unlike a regular water filter, the ionizer is specially designed to filter the acidic molecules from acidic water with the help of an electric current. It is a relief knowing that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) performs rigorous monitoring of bottled water that is labeled alkaline. The addition of alkaline minerals to regular drinking water to change it into alkaline water is monitored effectively by FDA.

How much alkaline water can you drink in a day?

It has been considered safe to consume eight to twelve glasses of alkaline water per day. We would like to emphasize that this measure must be approved by your physician.

5 Factors to consider when buying alkaline water bottle

Settling in for the right alkaline water bottle also calls for some thought and effort. Many factors come into play that must be considered before you purchase an alkaline water bottle. Here are the following 5 factors that cannot be missed.

Stainless steel water bottleA stainless steel water bottle is a highly durable option. It is also suitable for long-run usage. You can be assured that it is worth investing in a stainless steel alkaline water bottle. However, stainless steel metal calls for maintenance to keep away rust.

5 Factors to consider when buying alkaline water bottle

Glass water bottleGlass is the best material that does not pose the threat of rusting. It is also possible to maintain the water quality of the content in glass bottled water. The only disadvantage that comes with a glass bottle is it can break easily.

Infuser onlyThe final type is an infuser. Infusers are eco-friendly since they can be inserted into any bottle that you already own. Most of the infusers made are also equipped t work on any kind of water.

pH levelDifferent models of bottles can offer different pH scale ranges. Most of the bottles offer between 7 to 9.5 on the pH scale. Experts suggest that it is ideal to invest in bottles that offer up to 9.5 to obtain optimal nourishment.

pH level

Impressive featuresIt also helps to pay attention to smaller but important details like an ergonomic lid and handle for easy portability, vacuum insulation for effective temperature control, etc.

What is the best alkaline water?

If you are looking for the best alkaline bottled water, Essentia Water is the best. You get a pack of 12 water bottles of ionized alkaline water. Stay hydrated and enjoy all the health benefits of alkaline water with Essentia Alkaline water.

The reason this bottled water is highly recommended is its purity, clean and smooth taste. Advanced and highly effective purification processes are utilized to guarantee the purity of water. Microfiltration and reverse osmosis can remove up to 99.9% of the impurities and contaminants that reduce the purity of water. Complementing the body’s natural mix and improving the water taste is taken care of by the addition of electrolytes. Once the water is purified, trace amounts of electrolytes are added to improve the taste of the water and to also complement the natural mix of the body.

For the last step, the process of ionization takes place. Here, all the bitter-tasting acidic ions will be removed. Once this takes place you are left with supercharged alkaline water that has a pH of 9.5 or higher.

With multi-pack options and excellent water quality, Essentia Alkaline water is the best option for personal hydration on the go. These BPA-free plastic bottles with pure water filled with electrolytes, will help you to leave behind all your worries on hydration. Purchase Essentia Ionized Alkaline water to stay hydrated at all times.

Which is the best Alkaline Water Bottle that creates alkaline water?

If you looking for a travel-friendly water bottle that can easily convert tap water into alkaline water, here we have the best choice available in the market for you.

GOFILTR Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Excellent durability and performance are what you can expect from the GOFILTR Stainless Steel Water Bottle. This is the ideal option for those looking to stay energized when there is access to only alkaline reduced water. This bottle can transform regular water into alkaline water with its features.

The pack comes with one GOFILTR 32-ounce stainless steel vacuum-insulated water bottle and 2 GOFILTR Alkaline Original Infusers. This is sufficient to receive 1500 refills or 6 months of fresh mineral ionized alkaline water. The bottle is safe to use and built to enhance the quality of plain water. The special features of the bottle that deserve appreciation are its vacuum-insulated stainless steel body, Lead-free, BPA-free, and PHA-free design. The size of the bottle is compact and perfect for everyday use. YOu can use it as a regular water container or bottle while gyming, road-tripping, traveling, or for any everyday activity. The ergonomic easy-to-carry handle makes portability comfortable.

The GOFILTR Stainless Steel Water Bottle is excellent to convert regular drinking water into water with benefits. You can rejoice in all the benefits of alkaline waters by investing in this water bottle. It can alkalize and ionize the regular water filled into it. The bottle also works to reduce oxidative reduction potential by over 300 points to neutralize free radicals in the water.

Are you looking for a way to replace the expenditure on bottled alkaline water with a cost-effective and healthy alternative? Purchase GOFILTR Stainless Steel Water Bottle to effectively ionize regular water and enjoy the potential health benefits of alkaline water.

Pros and Cons GOFILTR Stainless Steel Water Bottle:

  • Durable stainless steel body that is vacuum insulated, BPA-free, PHA-free, and Lead-free.
  • Has a 32-ounce capacity.
  • The package comes with 2 GOFILTR Alkaline Original Infusers that can provide up to 1500 refills or 6 months of fresh mineral ionized alkaline water.

How can you test the water alkalinity at home?

The alkalinity of water can be tested by simple titration or by using litmus paper. The litmus paper test is the easiest way to test the water you are dealing with. Dip a litmus strip into the water. If red litmus paper turns blue it denotes that the water is alkaline.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where to buy alkaline water?

Alkaline water can be purchased from online stores or supermarkets as well.

2. How to make alkaline water with cucumber?

Making alkaline water with cucumber is easy. Slice one cucumber into 4 parts. Take half of a large lemon and 6 to 7 mint leaves. Add these to 1 liter of water and leave it overnight to make it alkaline water.

3. How to reduce alkalinity in drinking water?

To get alkaline reduced water you must feed mineral acid to the water. Adding hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, or a combination of both can give alkaline reduced water.

4. Is alkaline water good for the kidneys?

A regulated amount of alkaline water is good for the kidneys. Extensive use of alkaline-rich water will pave the way to kidney disease.

5. Who shouldn’t drink alkaline water?

Patients who suffer from chronic kidney disease must avoid alkaline water at all costs. If kidney disease arises from excess fluid, high blood pressure, or heart disease, the patient must not consume alkaline water.

6. Is Coconut water acid or alkaline?

Fresh coconut water is alkaline since it contains electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and salts.

7. Can kids drink alkaline water?

Yes, children can drink alkaline water as long as the portion is regulated and monitored.

8. Which fruit stops acidity?

Banana is a low-acid food that can neutralize stomach acid. Bananas will coat an irritated esophageal lining to neutralize the stomach’s acidic environment.

9. What are the side effects of alkaline water?

Some of the side effects of alkaline water are reduced nutrient absorption, tissue damage, poor gut health, acid reflux, and excessive thirst.

With this, we have reached the end of this article. We trust you were able to understand the nature of alkaline water and the health benefits of drinking it. Before you switch to drinking alkaline water regularly, we highly recommend that you consult with your physician. Ensure you will reap the health benefits of alkaline-rich water before you purchase them or the stainless steel alkaline water bottle.


With this, we have reached the end of this article. We trust you were able to understand the nature of alkaline water and the health benefits of drinking it. Before you switch to drinking alkaline water regularly, we highly recommend that you consult with your physician. Ensure you will reap the health benefits of alkaline-rich water before you purchase them or the stainless steel alkaline water bottle.

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