The Ultimate Guide For Buying The Best Smart Water Softener For Your Home

Have you ever noticed stains in your pipes or appliances? Perhaps you’ve noticed that cleaning agents are not as effective, and showers leave your hair and skin feeling drier than normal.

If you answered yes to the above question, then the chances are that you are dealing with hard water in your household.

What is Hard water?

Hard water is what we commonly call water that has a high concentration of minerals like magnesium and calcium. These minerals do not threaten health but can cause mineral deposits that damage your appliances and plumbing infrastructure over time.

This, in turn, leads to costly and tedious repairs if left unattended. Hard water is not an uncommon problem and is estimated to affect around 85% of American households by the U.S Geological Survey. Contaminants can likely slip by undetected and enter your household whether you get your water from the city or from a well.

Water softener systems to deal with Hard water

To mitigate the problem of hard water, several households are opting to install water softener systems. These devices can remove the hardness-causing minerals in your water supply and ensure that only clean and soft water circulates throughout your household.

Water softening technology has been tried and tested for decades with effective results. Water softeners are constantly improving, and in order to get the most out of your device, it is worth it to consider investing in the best smart water softener system.

Role of Smart water softeners

These smart water softeners are not only extremely effective in meeting your water treatment needs, but they will also save you time and money. Smart water softeners have several useful features, such as intelligent monitoring of salt, water, and battery levels, amongst other user-friendly features.

They can automatically regenerate themselves only when needed, saving you a lot of salt and water and making maintenance so much easier. They can also integrate with smart apps that allow full control of your water softener with the touch of a button on your phone. Investing in the best smart water softener will allow you to get on with your busy life while consistently delivering soft water with relatively little effort on your part. 

The benefits of a smart water softener system are clear to see, but it can often be difficult to pick the best product for your household from a saturated market.

This article explores smart water softeners in-depth and offers helpful guidance regarding the best smart water softeners on the market. Read on to find out more about smart water softeners and how they can benefit you.

💧 Best-Wifi Water Softener 💧

Matrixx Wifi Softener
Matrixx-Wifi Water Softener with Leak Detection

Contaminants Removed: Iron and Manganese.
Capacity: 35,000
Flow Rate: 10 GPM
Warranty: 10 year

💧Large Capacity💧

Whirlpool WHES40E 40,000 Grain Softener

Contaminants Removed: Iron, Chlorine, Calcium and Magnesium.
Flow Rate: 10 GPM
Warranty: 1 year

💧 Affordable 💧

Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain Softener

Contaminants Removed: Iron, Chlorine, Calcium and Magnesium.
Capacity: 32,000
Flow Rate: 10 GPM
Warranty: 1 year

Top 3 Benefits Of Using Smart Water Softener

advantages of using the best smart water softener

Saved time and money, and ease of use of water softener systems

Smart water softeners make maintenance a lot easier. They come with in-built valves that will automatically regenerate your system only when it is needed. This saves you the hassle of manually refilling salt into the brine tank every time your water softener system needs to regenerate. This also makes your system more efficient as it guarantees consistent delivery of soft water.

Save time

In addition to this, smart water softeners can send you notifications if they need servicing. This allows you to ensure better maintenance of your water softener, which will save you a lot of time.

You can rest assured that your water treatment needs are being met without having to manually cater to your machine.

Save money

Smart water softeners’ efficiency and ease of maintenance also help save money over time. The auto-regeneration ensures that your water softener gets exactly the right amount of salt and water needed to function. It can save an estimated 10,000 pounds of salt and 35,000 gallons of water for a family of four on an annual basis.

It, in turn, means that you can save money on purchasing salt. The increased efficiency of smart water softeners means you are effectively spending less per gallon of soft water than with older traditional water softeners.

Since smart water softeners offer detailed analytical reports, you are also forewarned of any problems that may occur and can save money on the maintenance and servicing of your water softener.


Using your water softener has never been easier with the introduction of smart features. You can track, monitor, and control everything your water softener does with smart apps that allow you to remotely operate your device with a smartphone.

All of the information regarding your water treatment is accessible at your fingertips and gives you an unprecedented level of control over your device.

In addition to this, some smart water softeners include additional functionality that combines water softening with water filtration. This allows you to use and access several cleaning technologies with one convenient system.

Which is the best smart water softener?

Our current pick for the best smart water softener is Matrixx-Wifi Water Softener with Leak Detection. It is designed for families of up to six people and features a respectable 40,000-grain capacity.

This smart water softener system automatically calculates how much salt and water is needed for regeneration and uses only what is necessary. It saves time, money, and effort to maintain your water softener.

This best wifi water softener also has electronic components that are easily programmable, so you can configure your own settings that are effective for your specific water treatment needs. 

In addition to providing soft water, this machine can also remove up to 10ppm of iron due to a new and improved filter.

The Matrixx- Wifi Water Softener is intelligent enough to provide salt alerts and carry out leak detection as well.

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List of 6 Best Smart Water Softeners [Choose Wisely]

1. Whirlpool WHES40E smart water softener

Whirlpool water softener

Whirlpool’s WHES40E smart water softener system has a large capacity of 40,000 grains, making it ideal for families of up to six people. This product is effective at softening water and has the capability of removing iron up to 10ppm from your water.

This is particularly useful if your water source is a well or any other water source that has high iron content. In addition to removing lime-scale and other common hard water problems, this product also helps prevent the rusting of your appliances and infrastructure.

The WHES40E offers a smart feature called demand-initiated regeneration. What this means is that with the help of microprocessors, this water softener can calculate the exact amount of salt and water needed for regeneration.

It allows your water softener to regenerate only when needed with precise amounts of salt that are automatically initiated by your machine. This saves a tremendous amount of salt and water over time and also makes maintaining your device a lot easier.

The product will also inform you if it is running out of salt with a convenient indicator. This takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation and allows you to have a consistent supply of soft water with relatively little effort on your part. 

Whirlpool uses high-quality NSF-certified materials in the construction of this water softener. This provides a sturdy and durable build quality that is guaranteed to last for several years.

This product has compact dimensions that allow you to fit it into any room in your household, but it is also rather heavy, making transportation difficult. Overall, this is a sturdy and reliable device that is best suited for home use.


  1. The WHES40E has demand-initiated regeneration with precise calculations.
  2. The WHES40E has a large 40,000-grain capacity and good flow rates.
  3. This water treatment system is easy to set up and install.
  4. Whirlpool uses high-quality NSF materials for the construction of this water softener.
  5. The WHES40E has additional iron removal capabilities. 
  6. The form factor is aesthetic and compact enough to fit into most rooms.


  1. Whirlpool’s WHES40E water softener is more expensive than competitive models.

2. Matrixx-Wifi Water Softener with Leak Detection

Wifi Softener

US Water Systems is a reputable brand with a long history of performance and quality. Their 35,000-capacity Matrixx-Wifi whole-house water softener system is a comprehensive solution for your water treatment needs and can easily cater to your entire family. 

The Matrixx- Wifi water softener offers industry-leading technology in water treatment. It ranks as the best wifi water softener by working being Alexa and Smart device ready. Pairing the hub to this best wifi water softener and downloading the free app facilities receiving salt updates. It is equipped with EcoSmart Backwashing to prevent water wastage. 

This whole house water softener comes in a space-saving compact form factor and includes time-saving connectors that are easy to install and set up.


  1. US Water Systems Matrixx- Wifi Water Softener offers a high capacity 35,000-grain whole house water softener.
  2. One of the best wifi water softener models that offers an impressive 70% savings on water and salt consumption.
  3. Automatic bypass and efficient connectors in this whole house water softener make regeneration a hassle-free experience.
  4. The unique design that this whole-house water softener provides, along with a compact form, saves a lot of space.
  5. US Water Systems provides a 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a Lifetime Tank Warranty.


  1. This best smart water softener is more expensive than competitive models.
  2. There is a lack of NSF-certified materials used in the build of this product.

3. Whirlpool WHESCF Pro smart water softener

Whirlpool Pro Water Softener

Whirlpool’s WHESCF Pro smart water softener is a powerful machine that delivers incredible results for a device in its price range.

Whirlpool offers a single machine with dual-purpose as this product can be used to soften water and remove other unwanted contaminants such as chlorine and sediments.

It makes this device a practical choice as you get extra cleaning capability for an affordable price with the further benefit of easy maintenance. 

The WHESCF Pro has a 31,000-grain capacity that can easily cater to a family of four. Whirlpool’s unique demand-initiated regeneration ensures that this product will calculate the exact amount of salt needed for regeneration on a need-only basis. This further saves on costs and adds to the practicality of this product.

In addition to soft water, the extra filtration technology will ensure that your water smells and tastes better and can even remove small amounts of iron from your water.

Whirlpool has made a budget-friendly device that performs exceptionally well and is the perfect choice for economical yet practical water treatment. 


  1. The WHESCF Pro is extremely cost-effective.
  2. Whirlpool offers extra filtration that removes more contaminants from your water.
  3. Demand-initiated regeneration saves on salt, money, and maintenance.
  4. The WHESCF Pro is very affordable and is the perfect budget choice.


  1. The materials used in this product are not as high quality as competitive smart water softeners

4. Aquasure Whole House smart water softener

Aquasure whole house water softener

Aquasure’s Whole House water softener has a massive 64,000-grain capacity and is well-suited for large families that own multiple bathrooms. 

This product features a digital meter control head that has an easy-to-read LCD screen with all the pertinent information. You can view the time of day, volume remaining, or days until regeneration in this best smart water softener

The programming is stored in memory and will not be lost in case of power outages. The screen is easy to use for beginners who may not have technical expertise. The control head allows for the automatic bypass, which regulates your smart water softener’s regeneration cycle. This makes the product easier to maintain and will save on the amount of salt used.

Aquasure ensures a user-friendly experience by providing all the necessary components that make this product possible to set up within minutes.

Aquasure includes a time-tested, hydraulically-balanced piston for service and regeneration and diagnostics for historical valve performance. This makes maintenance and operation an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Aquasure enables you to add an extra sediment filter for better cleaning results and extra capability. This product is easy to use and well suited for a comprehensive water treatment system with minimal maintenance.


  1. Aquasure’s smart water softener has a digital meter control head for automatic bypass and easy regeneration.
  2. Aquasure’s smart water softener system has a large 64,000 grain capacity with good flow rates.
  3. This product is easy to install and operate.
  4. This product is beginner-friendly and easy to use.


  1. There is a lack of NSF-certified materials used in this product.
  2. The instruction manual can be hard to follow for complete novices.

5. GE GXSHV40V smart water softener

GE Water softener

GE’s GXSHV40E has a respectable 40,000-grain capacity that is capable of catering to a family of up to six people. It also includes an additional in-built iron filter that can remove up to 7ppm of iron from your water. This is suitable for households that rely on well water and can even help prevent the rusting of your appliances and infrastructure.

This product features an in-built LCD interface and control center from which you can access all of the relevant functions and have information displayed in real-time. The interface is easy to use and easily customizable as well. You can choose how soft you want your water to be, which is unprecedented control over water softening.

The product will accordingly change settings so that the output water is exactly how soft you want it to be. The programming also allows for automatic regeneration that can save on salt and an estimated 35% of water use.

GE’s programming ensures that your settings will be saved even during power cuts. This product can even adapt to your usage and change its settings accordingly so that you will always have access to water that matches the quality you expect.


  1. GE’s GXSHV40V has a good capacity of 40,000 grains and a high flow rate.
  2. The LCD interface offers unprecedented levels of control over water softness.
  3. The programming in this smart water softener can adapt to your habits.
  4. This product is highly customizable.
  5. GE’s GXSGV40V will help you save on salt, money, and maintenance with automatic regeneration and several useful features that allow you to take control of your water treatment needs.


  1. This product can be challenging to set up correctly.
  2. This product is bulkier than competitive models.

6. EcoPure EPHS Conditioner

Ecopure Ep31

If safety and good health are your top priorities, EcoPure’s EPHS conditioner is a perfect choice.

This product serves a dual purpose by removing more contaminants than regular hardness-causing minerals. 

This product has auto-sense technology that will refill salt when needed, making maintenance easier and saving money. It is made from high-quality NSF materials that will last for a long time.

This product is very good at treating water and can even remove small amounts of iron from your water. However, it cannot provide for more than four people and is better suited for small families or individuals.


  1. This product can remove a wider range of contaminants.
  2. Auto-sense technology for easy regeneration.
  3. Improves the smell and taste of your water


  1. This product cannot cater to more than four people.
  2. This product may not connect well to existing plumbing in your household and require special connectors.

How to connect your water softener to WIFI?

connecting wifi in water softener

 You can connect your water softener to WiFi with the following steps

  • Open the included smart app on your phone.
  • Follow onscreen instructions to connect with your water softener.
  • If prompted, type in the password printed on a label on your water softener.

Once your water softener is paired with your phone, you can operate it over WiFi.

How to install a smart water softener

You can install a smart water softener system by following the instructions provided in the user manual. This can vary depending on the manufacturer. Smart water softeners are installed similarly to regular water softeners but are easier to maintain due to their smart functionality – the digital control heads and LCD screens are in-built. The connections to your plumbing occur similar to how regular water softeners are installed.

The Verdict

After careful deliberation, we have come to the verdict that Matrixx- Wifi Water Softener is the best smart water softener currently available in the market. It has a large enough capacity to cater to up to six people and includes smart features that regulate the regeneration cycle. This best wifi soft water softener can save you salt, money, and time due to the included demand-initiated regeneration feature. It comes with 70% savings on water and salt consumption, 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, and Lifetime Tank warranty.

This smart water softener can get even up to 10ppm of iron from your water supply. The excellent build, smart functionality, and ease of use makes this model our top pick for the best wifi water softener currently available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do water softeners regenerate automatically?

Regular water softeners do not regenerate automatically. Water softeners equipped with digital valves like the Fleck 5600sxt or similar smart technology can enable your water softener to regenerate automatically. 

What is the app for GE water softener?

The GE Appliances Comfort App can be used to control your GE water softener. Once you pair your product with the app on your phone, you can have full control over your device with this app.

What to do when smart water softening systems starts overflowing?

If your water softener overflows, you can take the following steps.

  • Inspect the Brine Line. 
  • Unclog the Tank Overflow
  • Use the Control Valve for Regeneration.
  • Look Into the Drain Line,
  • Check the Safety Float.

Following these steps should resolve the overflowing issue.

How to restart a GE smart water softener?

Press and hold the recharge button for three seconds. Release the button when ‘Recharge Now’ flashes on the screen, indicating the initiated recharge process.

Where to buy Best Smart Water Softener?

We recommend purchasing water softeners from trustable marketplaces such as Amazon if you are purchasing one online. Another option is to visit your closest retail outlet, which has the benefit of being able to physically examine the product. However, retail shops tend to be more expensive. Wherever you purchase your water softener, ensure it is from a trustable and reputable vendor.


Water treatment technology has been around for decades and is steadily improving over time. The latest and most up-to-date water softeners have smart functionality that enables you to get more out of your water softener than previously possible. These smart water softeners can save money and time and are a lot easier to maintain and operate.

If you haven’t previously, it is worth considering smart water softeners as a comprehensive solution to your water treatment needs.

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