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A good showering experience starts with a good showerhead. Can you believe that clean water with the right water pressure is important to maintain better skin and hair health? Contaminants in the tap water, in the long run, will lead to damaged hair, imbalanced hair color, and dry skin. The good news is that the Jolie filtered showerhead is an excellent method to trap contaminants and heavy metals from hard water. Simply switch your old showerhead or any standard showerhead with Jolie’s filtered showerhead to get better skin and hair! Improve your skin and hair health by just switching to Jolie filtered showerhead that gives your clean water and helpful water pressure at all times.

In this article, we will look at the features that come with the installation of a Jolie-filtered showerhead. Let us learn how to utilize all the benefits of bathing in clean water with Jolie-filtered showerheads. With that said, let us get started.

What are the features of Jolie shower head water filter?

What are the features of Jolie shower head water filter?

Did you know that switching to cleaner water that is clean enough to drink can make such a difference to your hair and skin? The Jolie filtered showerhead is a specially designed filtered showerhead that comes with features that can make a difference to the quality of water when compared to any standard shower water. Opting for Jolie filtered showerhead is the way to keep shinier hair (even for color-treated hair), prevent damaged hair, dry hair, and get better skin.

Cleaner water that is free from harmful toxins and heavy metals that are usually present in hard water, is the wise way to better skin. With the Jolie filtered showerhead review, every customer has noticed immediately post-wash that their skin feels soft and smooth. The usual tightness that is experienced with dry skin disappears almost immediately after a single wash and shinier hair is also long lasting. Restoring natural shine to normal hair or color-treated hair is assuring with the Jolie filtered showerhead, unlike any other filtered showerhead or a standard showerhead. If your old showerhead needs an upgrade, the features in the Jolie filtered showerhead is the way to go!


KDF-55 is a combination of copper and zinc shavings. The KDF-55 with copper and zinc shavings, Calcium sulfite balls, and maximum water pressure, are the factors that help in trapping chlorine heavy metals, calcium, magnesium, and other contaminants. This showerhead is also designed to kill bacteria which makes the water clean and safe to drink. 

This makes it possible to reduce the side effects of exposing the skin and hair to chlorine and other heavy metals; such as dry skin, dry hair, and hair and skin with chemical buildup. Removing the chlorine heavy metals is also the best way to restore silkier and shinier hair and natural hair-to-hair color. The motto of Jolie’s filtered showerhead is that “Clean beauty starts with clean water”, and it is safe to say that the company lives up to this with its high-performing design to elevate the showering experience when compared to other filtered showerheads.

Sustainable packaging

The first aspect that gets noticed is the packaging which is simple, pretty, and free from any waste space. The packaging is sustainable and free from extra foam or peanuts.

Easy installation

Easy installation

The easy-to-install feature of the Jolie filtered showerhead must be noticed. Although the model is perfect to replace any old shower in the USA, it is not a universal fit. The Jolie filtered showerhead cannot be used to filter the shower water outside of the USA. However, this model is an extremely simple installation method. Every last piece one requires to install this new showerhead into the old one comes with the box. The comprehensive “How to” installation guide has all the instructions you will need.

The box comes with a “Tiny but Mighty” wrench and “Cutest Tape in the World” plumbers tape. These two pieces of equipment are sufficient to unscrew the existing showerhead and replace it with the Jolie-filtered showerhead.

Efficient replacement filters

Efficient replacement filters

It must be noticed that the built-in filters are replaceable. The replacement filter must be switched out every once in 90 days. Although this seems like too much, you must remember it is worth the efficiency of the product. A subscription that works for you will make it easy to receive the filters with the attractive discounts that Jolie offers.

Six colors

The showerhead comes in six colors to increase the aesthetics of your showering experience.

Less build-up

When shower water is filled with several contaminants, it is common to experience some blockages. Old pipes especially can become clogged easily with mineral buildup. With the efficient water filtration that Jolie offers, customers have noticed that there are no issues or hindrances to the water flow. The built-in filters with their supreme water filtration are able to keep away mineral accumulation in the shower walls or tub. With Jolie’s filtered showerhead, you can maintain the quality of the shower area, along with the well-being of your skin and hair.

Stabilized water pressure

Stabilized water pressure

Jolie’s filtered showerhead also takes up the responsibility of establishing the rate of the water stream or water flow. If you have issues with the water pressure in your shower water, Jolie’s filtered showerhead is the best way to maintain an even water pressure.

NSF-177 certifications

It is crucial to invest in filters that comply with the NSF-177 certification. The NSF has set standards where the safety of food and water are tested. The Jolie filtered showerhead exceeds NSF-177 certification giving the customers the guarantee that the well-being of their hair and skin is taken care of.

What does Jolie showerhead remove?

What does Jolie showerhead remove?

If you are looking for a life-changing experience in your daily routine, filtered water from the Jolie showerhead is the way to go. The KDF-55 that is built into the product is responsible to deliver cleaner showers. The Jolie showerhead can kill bacteria, the showerhead filter removes chlorine, calcium, and magnesium, and trap other heavy metals that contaminate shower water. The Jolie showerhead does not just work to remove chlorine and other heavy metals but multiple people have noticed that one needs to use only a little soap and shampoo while in the shower.

As an added bonus, once the heavy metals and mineral buildup are reduced, the quantity of the products used for the showers can also be minimized. Multiple people have shared their experience that the soap and shampoo seem more effective when the showers are with Jolie. Your cleaner showers will not just stop with filtered water, but you can have shinier hair and notice how skin feels softer and smoother.

Additional Information

You must be informed that the Jolie filtered showerhead is made in the USA. The showerhead can be purchased from the Jolie website to procure all the benefits of the product and discounts on replacement filter subscriptions. The product also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you do not find any difference in using the showerhead.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How often should you change the filter?

The filter within the Jolie showerhead is replaceable. This replacement filter must be changed once every 3 months or 90 days. Although it seems like quite a task, it is worth it at the benefit of making one’s skin feel softer and hair look shinier.

2. How to install a Jolie shower head?

Installation of the Jolie showerhead is very simple and straightforward. It takes under 10 minutes to remove the old showerhead and add the new showerhead. You have to unscrew the existing showerhead and add the new showerhead and add the plumber tape as an additional sealant. The “Tiny but Mighty” wrench and “Cutest Tape in the World” plumbers tape are all that you need to install the Jolie showerhead. The “How to” installation guide explains everything you need to know to install the showerhead.

3. What if you don’t like the Jolie shower head?

If you are convinced that you did not notice any difference after using the product, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

4. Does Jolie help with hard water?

Yes! The filters in the Jolie showerhead are designed to remove chlorine heavy metals and other contaminants. Once these agents are removed from the shower water or hard water, the water becomes so much softer and cleaner.

5. Which company shower is best?

There are plentiful showerhead options available in the market. The best company that offers excellent performance and results is Jolie.


With this, we have reached the end of the article. We trust the Jolie showerhead review explained the benefits and importance of the features built into the product. Make your skin feel smoother and your hair feel softer by showering with water that is free from all hazardous contaminants.

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