Best Water Softeners for Condo

Hard water in a condo can be a huge inconvenience. The troubles of having to deal with hard water are several. The high amounts of calcium and magnesium minerals in the home’s water supply contribute to the water’s hardness. The good news is that there are excellent apartment water softeners that make it possible to handle water hardness. These water softener systems carefully deal with the high amounts of calcium and magnesium minerals aiding in water softening process.

In this article, we will briefly look at the best apartment water softeners available in the market. Each of these water softener systems is designed with highly capable features and built to fit within the available space. We trust you will be able to find the right water softener system that suits your apartment size, is equipped with smart features, and is effective in improving the water quality in your home from this list of the best water softener systems.

Best water softener for condo

1. Condo Water Softener by Aqua Systems

If you are on the lookout for the ideal apartment water softener, Condo Water Softener by Aqua Systems is a great buy. This unit is equipped with several smart features that make it an effective option to control water hardness and enjoy a soft water supply in apartments. Protect your home and appliances against water corrosion and damage by investing in this water softener.

The best aspect about this unit is, that it is a smart water softener. The Smart Control Valve regenerates water only when required, thereby being highly energy efficient. It can also run on ultra-low power consumption. Since all parts are removable, the unit is easy to maintain. The non-corrosive material of all parts makes them durable against salt and minerals.

The other advantages of this Condo Water Softening system are; in-home installation, 3 years service warranty, 5 years warranty on all parts, lifetime exchange and tank replacement, choice of connection fittings, etc.

2. Pro + Aqua Mini Water Softener

This unit is the best solution for apartments where it is not possible to install a whole-house water softener. The Pro + Aqua Mini Portable Water Softener is convenient and effective in water softening. Being a miniature version of a whole-house water softener, this unit comes with several pros.

The pre-filter of the unit is also the regeneration kit that is used to recharge the resin tank. The resin beads in the tank carry out the ion exchange process. The water softening process is carried out, wherein the incoming water that is rich in calcium and magnesium will latch on the resin and let go of the salt. If your apartment water is hard and you need a suitable water-softening medium, the Pro + Aqua Mini Portable Water Softener might serve as the right choice.

3. HomeGuard Water Softener

The next powerful water apartment water softener is HomeGuard Water Softener. The compact size unit makes it convenient to be used in boats, RVs, condos, and apartments, and can easily fit into small spaces. It comes with a low-maintenance design, built-in salt and water-saving technology. Moreover, its patented packed mineral bed eliminates the need for a second tank. This unit is highly recommended to keep your plumbing appliances and tap connections free from scale build-up.

How do you deal with hard water in a condo?

One of the first pieces of information that people like to learn of when moving into a new apartment complex, is its water quality. Not all apartments have a soft water supply. If your apartment complex has only access to hard water, a few ways will aid in water softening.

Water test

The first and most important step before you invest in a water softener system is to understand the water quality in your home. Purchase a water softener system after knowing the exact concentration and type of the mineral content. This information will help in enjoying all the benefits and effectiveness that water softener systems and other measures undertaken to deal with water hardness. It is always recommended to begin with a water test.

Water softeners

One of the highly efficient and foolproof methods to take hard water is a water softener system. An apartment water softener unit or whole house water treatment system or water softeners are specially designed to carry out an ion exchange process. Your home will get soft water when the water softeners replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium or potassium ions.


Electronic descalers are another effective option to prevent scale buildup. They alter the structure of minerals thereby making them less likely to adhere to surfaces.

Lemon juice, vinegar, and cleaning agents

The scale buildup damage to surfaces from hard water can be dealt with with natural acids in lemon juice and vinegar. Affected surfaces can be applied with lemon juice or vinegar, and allowed to sit for a while before scrubbing them. This will dissolve mineral deposits.

Faucets, shower heads, shower filters, and glass with hard water stains can be treated with cleaning agents designed to remove hard water stains and mineral deposits.

Plumbing assessment and regular maintenance

Professional guidance from a plumber will help in accessing the exact type of water softener that will best suit your apartment size and apartment complex. Dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances that come in contact with hard water must be serviced and maintained regularly to prevent mineral deposits over time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there an alternative to a water softener?

Yes. There are a few highly effective alternatives to water softeners. These include; salt-free water conditioners, electronic water descalers, template-assisted crystallization systems, chelation systems, and magnetic water treatment systems.

2. Can you install reverse osmosis in a condo?

Yes, a reverse osmosis system is a suitable water treatment system for an apartment living space. Installing an RO system is simple and can be done by a professional.

3. How to choose a water softener for a condo?

Before you invest in an apartment water softener certain criteria must be considered. This is how you choose the right apartment water softener:

  1. Test the water hardness of the apartment complex
  2. Estimate the water usage of the apartment to purchase a system with a suitable flow rate to meet the needs.
  3. Check the available space for installing the water softener. Make sure there is enough space to install the water softener unit.
  4. Choose your unit between salt-based and salt-free water softeners.
  5. Select the water softener system based on the regeneration process type that it offers. The regeneration process type could be timer-based, meter-based, or on-demand.
  6. Consider other factors such as budget, warranty, brand, reviews, etc.

4. How to troubleshoot apartment water softener issues?

Is there trouble using your apartment water softener? There are simple yet effective steps to troubleshoot apartment water softeners. Here is how you can systematically resolve the issue with water softeners in your apartment complex.

1. Double-check if the power supply and electrical outlet are working.

2. Examine if the control settings including regeneration cycle, hardness settings, etc are configured according to the manufacturers’ guidelines.

3. Check if you can find any leaks.

4. Run a quick inspection of the resin tank, clogs, and salt bridges.

5. Inspect the salt levels in the brine tank because low salt levels will impact the performance of the water softener.

6. Manually regenerate the water softener if required.

7. Reach out to a professional.

5. Can we use an RV water softener for an apartment or condo?

Yes. RV water softeners can be suitable for apartments and condos as well provided they meet the requirements of the apartment. There are wide differences in the requirements of an apartment living space and RV. RVs benefit from portable water softeners since they are small spaces. You will have to research if the size and capacity of the RV water softener, installing the unit, water usage of the condo, and other related factors are suitable for apartment living.


That’s a wrap on the article. Hope you found the most suitable water softener for your apartment and the best way by which hard water can be managed. Carefully analyze the requirements of your home before you invest in a water softener.